Offered Trainings

Here you can find the trainings that I have developed with the family child care provider and their staff in mind.

I am not an expert in the field of early childhood education or child development, but I am willing to share my experiences and knowledge gained during my journey as an elementary classroom teacher for 10 years and a family child care provider since 1988. During the years as a family child care provider I have taught a variety of classes around child care for local adult education programs, workshops at local providers network groups, workshops for state conferences and online as part of the Family Child Care Association of Maine (FCCAM) Professional Learning Committee (PLC).

My goal here is to gather many of those trainings together to provide my peers with the opportunity to access them at any time that works for them. I have made note in the Introduction for each training of the professional development hours that will be accepted by licensing in Maine.

You may access these trainings without registering. Just click on the training you are interested in.

To receive a certificate from me to be used for professional development hours accepted in Maine, you will need to have submitted the reflection / registration response online form for the training. Each training includes a separate REFLECTION RESPONSE link.


Confidentiality, especially around the safety of children, is a concern that is always important to be addressing. Providing trainings that share knowledge around best practices with children requires images of children to facilitate informed discussions.

All content provided in trainings developed by myself are considered to be under Copyright and are not to be shared outside the specific training. Anyone viewing a training is expected to be respectful of confidentiality. I have secured “permission to use likenesses” for any images of children within my program that will be shared within a training. This aligns with the current State of Maine Family Child Care Provider Licensing Rule requirement on distribution of images.


 All material here is being shared to support your business practices and work with children. With the sharing of these resources, I am not rendering legal or tax advice. If you require more specific assistance, please consult a legal or tax preparation professional to represent you.