Care Termination/Expulsion Policy

Unfortunately, there are reasons that care for a child has to be terminated. As an early childhood educator, I work with the families of children receiving care in order to prevent the need to terminate care of a child.

PROACTIVE ACTIONS that can be taken in order to prevent expulsion due to child’s disruptive behaviors:

  • Redirect child from disruptive behavior.
  • Reassess classroom environment, appropriateness of activities, supervision.
  • Use positive methods and language while disciplining children.
  • Acknowledge appropriate behaviors.
  • Consistently apply consequences for rules.
  • Give verbal warnings.
  • Give time to regain control.
  • Through daily communication the team* will work to carry out program and home expectations around behaviors working on changing. (*team = any adult directly involved with the individual child)
  • The child’s parents/legal guardians will be given literature or other resources regarding methods of improving behavior.
  • Recommendation of evaluation by professional consultation on premises.

Documentation of disruptive behavior will be maintained in confidentiality.


  • The child’s parents/legal guardians will be informed about the expected behavioral changes required by the child or the child’s parents/legal guardians to continue to receive care services from Country Fun Child Care.
  • If after planned remedial actions have not worked, the child’s parents/legal guardians will be advised verbally, and in writing, about the child’s or the child’s parents/legal guardians’ behavior warrants an expulsion.
  • The child’s parents/legal guardians will be given a specific expulsion date that allows the child’s parents/legal guardians sufficient time to seek alternate child care (approximately one to two weeks notice depending on the risk to other children’s welfare or safety).

Immediate termination of care may occur if a child is at risk of causing serious injury to others present in the program or to himself/herself. Immediate termination is not the option of choice.

Termination of care is especially difficult when the reason is because of Negative Parent/Legal Guardian Actions. Any of the following actions can be followed by notice of immediate termination of care.

  • Habitual failure to pay/lateness in payments.
  • Failure to complete required forms, including the child’s immunization records.
  • Habitual tardiness when picking up your child(ren).
  • Unwillingness to work as a team when supporting your child’s development.
  • Child’s parents/legal guardians physically or verbally threatens me or anyone within the program.

A CHILD WILL NOT BE EXPELLED for the following reason alone: If a child’s parents/legal guardians make a complaint to the Office of Licensing regarding Country Fun Child Care alleging violations of the Family Child Care Licensing Rule requirements.