Child Care Rates

The rates charged by Country Fun Child Care cover care being available between the contracted drop-off and pick-up times. You pay for the contracted care slot, whether you choose to use the hours available or not. Rates are figured to reflect our town school calendar, vacation days, personal days, and ages. The current State of Maine Market Rate for Cumberland County is also considered in setting child care rates.

Rates cover:

  • availability of a care slot, not hours of direct care
  • morning and afternoon snacks within the program
  • nutritious lunch
  • non-prescription formula for infants
  • diaper wipes and creams
  • sun lotion
  • general supplies/maintenance
  • toys and equipment
  • my salary
  • 5 personal/health/educational days / Notice will be provided as early as possible. For illness, notification will be by 6 am on the day closing. To alleviate the need for full day closures and usage of these 5 days, whenever possible closure will be early morning or late afternoon, which will require just a slight change for drop-off or pick-up. 
  • posted Holidays (excluding full school vacation weeks where no fee is charged)

Weekly Care Rates:

  • infant/toddler (6 wks to 12 months) 
    • Full-time (4+ days)  — $225
    • Part-time (1-3 days) — $55 per day
  • toddler: (13 months to 36 months) 
    • Full-time (4+ days)  — $225
    • Part-time (1-3 days) — $55 per day
  • preschool: (37 months thru start of Kindergarten) 
    • Full-time (4+ days )  — $225
    • Part-time (1-3 days) — $55 per day
  • school-age (K up) (school year only) – *Due to changes in schooling brought on by COVID-19 school-age rates will be figured individually reflecting needs and hours of care. Full time virtual teaching will be figured at the full-time rate of $225.

**Sibling Discount possible for non-school-age full-time care slots.

If Country Fun Child Care is required to close outside scheduled school holidays/vacations due to a community public health emergency, legal guardians will be expected to continue to pay the fees as agreed to in their individual written contracts. Realizing that situations may change for families, please remember I am open to discuss any individual situation.