For the purposes of this Handbook “Staff” is used to cover any individual over age 16 that spends time directly interacting with children during Country Fun Child Care’s business hours. These individuals may not be receiving pay, but may be present as volunteers. For any paid staff all requirements of the current Family Child Care Licensing Rule will be complied with. All staff and volunteers will be fully informed of their roles and responsibilities.

At this time Country Fun Child Care has no staff or volunteers. Country Fun Child Care is operated as a sole provider. When I am unable to provide care the program is closed.

At a future time, if Country Fun Child Care has staff or volunteers, the required information on any individual who engages in activities children participate in during Country Fun Child Care’s business hours will be maintained.

The personnel record will include:

  • name, street address, mailing address
  • date of birth
  • current phone number
  • dates of engagement
  • manner of engagement
  • date of discontinuation of services to Country Fun Child Care
  • signed statement that have been made aware of and understand Country Fun Child Care’s Emergency/Disaster Plan and policies applicable to the area of their engagement with children
  • documentation of any disciplinary action
  • documentation of completed background check for any individual 18 years of age and older (Provider Letter of Eligibility)
  • documentation of immunizations
  • documentation of CPR/First Aid certification
  • documentation of required trainings
  • job description
  • signature that have read and understand Country Fun Child Care policies and handbook and FCC Licensing Rule
  • signature that have received a copy of any applicable personnel policies