Outside the family pets, the decision to have pets in Country Fun Child Care is made with great care.

Pets of any kind require good care and their enclosures require cleaning. Some pets bite and scratch or are frightened of children. A new child in the facility may have allergies that require the pet be removed from the facility. All these issues require consideration before deciding to have a pet in our facility.

Parents/legal guardians will be notified if a new pet is planned for the facility.

  •  Animals are chosen carefully for temperament and safety. We do not keep or allow visits from ferrets, turtles, iguanas, lizards or other reptiles, birds of the parrot family, or any wild or dangerous animals.
  •  Pet enclosures are not placed near areas where children eat or food is served.
  •  Children and adults wash their hands after handling or feeding animals.
  •  Children do not clean cages.
  •  All animals are properly cared for and provided clean water, appropriate food, clean cages, and vaccinations.
  •  Food preparation/service facilities and supplies are not used to clean animal cages or aquariums.
  •  Animal food is stored separately from human food. Animal food is kept tightly closed to prevent insect infestations.
  •  Uneaten food is removed from cages promptly.