Lunch and two snacks are provided daily at a regularly scheduled time, offering a variety of foods in child size servings.

Food is served family style and we eat together with children serving themselves as appropriate.  I model serving for children that are not developmentally able to self-serve. Children are taught to start serving each food they decide to eat in a smaller portion. They learn they can return for additional servings. This promotes both good table manners and socialization.

There is no screen time during meals.

Breakfast is not provided. If parents/legal guardians choose to provide a simple breakfast for their child to eat here, it must be consumed by the end of the am snack time. The last food clean-up of the morning follows the finish of morning snack.

All meals and snacks provided meet the nutritional needs of young children. Menus are planned using the guidelines provided by the United States Department of Agriculture’s Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). Country Fun Child Care does not participate in the CACFP.

  • Serving recommendations 2016

Child will not be forced to eat, but will be encouraged to try new foods when introduced. Country Fun Child Care uses a “taste bite” approach, where children are encouraged to try a bite with the knowledge that they can spit it back out on their plate if desired. Provider/supervising staff do not insist that children clean their plates. 

Fresh water is available to children throughout the day. Water is from a private drilled well which undergoes annual safety testing following licensing regulations. Results are on file and can be seen upon request.

Juice and soda are not served.

No gum or candy is allowed during daycare hours.

Food is not used as a reward or punishment.