Financial Agreement with Country Fun Child Care

Until child care is discontinued or a new financial agreement issued, the following binding CHILD CARE FINANCIAL AGREEMENT is to be in effect between:


Child’s parent/Legal Guardian:

Start Date: Discontinued Date:

Child: DOB:

As your child’s child care Provider, I agree to provide to the best of my ability affectionate care and stimulating learning opportunities that support the healthy growth and development of your child while they are in care. You will be regularly informed of your child’s activities and growth as part of my cooperative effort to build a team supporting your child’s development.

As Child’s Parents/Legal Guardian(s), I (We) agree to:

  • follow the policies found in Country Fun Child Care’s handbook.
  • provide payment at the rate of __________ per ________ beginning __________. Payment will be made by Friday of the week prior to care being provided, following the policy outlined in Country Fun Child Care’s handbook.
  • Agreed to Drop-off time:
  • Agreed to Pick-up time:

Special conditions of care:

I have read this Financial Agreement and accept its terms.

Child’s Parent/Legal Guardian’s Signature:                                                            Date:

Provider’s Signature:                                                                                  Date: