Conflict Resolution

Country Fun Child Care recognizes that our work is based on relationships formed with children and their families. To best support a child there needs to be a strong team formed by the provider/staff, child and child’s family. That only happens when there is honest communication between the adults.

It is Country Fun Child Care’s goal to give each child in care the opportunity to experience high quality educational care. Provider and staff value your questions, comments, and input for as a team we achieve the best experience for your child and thus your family. The partnership we build will enhance your child’s growth and development.

Over the years offering care at Country Fun Child Care, it has been learned that conflicts arise from differences in values, motivations, perceptions, and desires. Some of the situations where we have seen the potential for conflict to arise within a child care environment: developmental concerns, toileting, illness care, payment issues, parental disrespect of provider/staff, and child illness. To help diminish the potential for conflicts Country Fun Child Care has developed policies that we both believe in and are willing to enforce. We encourage parents/legal guardians to read through the handbook and ask about any questions that arise.

At Country Fun Child Care, provider and staff will do our best to calmly and respectfully approach our confidential discussions with parents/legal guardians. We will listen openly to your thoughts, be honest in our responses, continue to reflect on policies and make changes within the program as appropriate. Our goal is to be able to meet together finding solutions that support the child’s needs.

Working as a team, maintaining open and honest communication we can reach the ultimate goal of providing the best care for your child supporting their healthy development.