Daily Care Needs / Transportation

If care is not needed on a normal care day please notify Country Fun Child Care as soon as you know. Text works well.

It is important to keep me informed in a timely manner, of any changes in your child’s home life, as it helps in caring for your child and supporting their development. Any change in the status of legal guardianship needs to be provided to Country Fun Child Care in legal form. This form will be added to the child’s record.

If, at any time I feel that a child’s safety is at risk by getting in a vehicle with a parent/legal guardian or individual designated for pick-up, an attempt to talk to, delay or convince them to let me call someone else to come pick the child up. If the individual insists on leaving with the child, I cannot legally stop them. However, immediately upon their departure the police will be contacted. Notification of the vehicle plate number and direction that the individual was headed will be provided.  Any actions regarding this policy will be documented in the child’s records.

Drop off:

  • Child’s parents/legal guardians are to take their child’s temperature either before coming to the facility or upon arrival at the facility. Child who has a fever of 100.40 F (38.00C) or above or other signs of illness will not be admitted for care. 
  • Child’s parents/legal guardians will verbally confirm that they have completed the provided daily health check at home. 
  • The provider will also do a visual inspection of the child for signs of illness which could include flushed cheeks, rapid breathing or difficulty breathing (without recent physical activity), fatigue, or extreme fussiness.
  • The parents/legal guardian will sign child in. The provider will note child’s parents/legal guardians response on daily health check.
  • Only the child will enter beyond the doorway/entry hall into the program space.
  • Outer clothes will be hung up and any bags from home stored on the provided shelf and/or cubby.
  • Children will go wash hands before touching anything within the facility.


  • When parents/legal guardians are picking a child up they remain beyond the doorway/entry hall into the program space.
  • The provider will help each child prepare to leave the program.
  • Maintaining physical/social distance the provider will communicate with child’s parents/legal guardians about the child’s day.

To ensure the security of your child, they will only be released to a person for whom Country Fun has written consent by the parents/legal guardians. A parent/legal guardian may provide individual notices in addition to completion of Country Fun Child Care’s authorization for pick-up form. This form constitutes written consent. In emergencies, I will release a child with consent provided over the phone, only if called by a parent/legal guardian, to someone on the written consent form. I will check photo identification for individuals other than child’s parents/legal guardians doing pick-ups.


Unless it is an emergency situation, whenever a child is transported off-site by Country Fun Child Care, it will only be with prior permission by child’s parents/legal guardians.

All vehicles that would be used to transport children are registered and insured. Current registration and proof of insurance documents are kept in the vehicles.

Drivers are licensed.

The required state transportation class will be completed before any transportation outside an emergency takes place.