Serving mixed ages, it’s seems like there is almost always a child involved in toilet training at Country Fun.

First, we use a regular toilet adapted with a special lid/seat for developing “toilet independence” at Country Fun. I do not use a portable potty.

I personally find learning “toilet independence” to be less stressful if it is totally child led. The achievement needs to fulfill something for them, and for children that is often different than for a parent. When child lead the development of this skill is usually fairly quick.

To be child led, I need a child to:

  • be able to communicate their need.
  • be able to get their pants down without help.
  • to want to do this.

A child will need to remain in diapers while learning “toilet independence”.

A couple of short posts I think has some good points. Read and enjoy. From Childhood 101 / Real Mums Talk About Toilet Training series:

How to Start Potty Training: Is My Toddler Ready?

Potty Training Methods

Nighttime Potty Training Tips

Toilet Learning: Teaching Kids How to Wipe (part 6)

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